In place of a preface

. Cung Vũ

. English version by Bích Giao


Who said my poems are melodious?

Can there be cong xu xang notes in poems?

I say poetry is round like candies

To be put in jars, shaken out, and arranged in lines


Who said my poems are gloomy like pallid waves

Their words obscure as the dark of night

No, my poems do carry a few shades

From pink to azure, can't you see


Who said my poems are like short skirts

Sputtering out after a few brief verses

Take a look, is our time long or short

Are you browsing a poem, or counting pages?


Who said my poems lack in love for the country

Always heavy with misery in a personal realm

Listen, it's been a dream all my life

Please don't say poetry should be chained!