. Cung Vũ

. English version by Bích Giao


I see myself back on a mountain top

Laughing, sipping from a cloudy sky

Sending a flute melody to a far distance

Forever calling your spirit in a dream


I see myself drifting on sapphire waves

Billowing sails under an amber cloud

A bird landing on the narrow ramp

Announces an arrival to the old shore


I see myself in the old garden

Gathering leaves to warm up the four seasons

A pensive broom pushes withered remains

Shivering limbs as yellowed and dry


I see myself standing before your grave

Tender grass trembles with dew

Tell me: is that harbor unclouded or stormy

Is the sad heron still crooning in the black night?


I see myself walking in the city rain

A light shawl carelessly draped around my shoulders

Is my hair gray, is it my heart, or the sunshine

There's only a strand of silk in the endless distance!