Since I felt blue

. Cung Vũ

. English version by Bích Giao


Since I felt blue I've played around

Friends would ask, are you having fun?

It's true, since I parted ways with the world

From dusk to dawn, in rain or shine, I've missed you


Since I felt blue I've walked about

The passing cloud grins, anything to send?

It's true, why send anything

Such heavy sorrow, how could you carry it?


Since I felt blue I've sauntered around

The fleeting wind asks, anything to say?

Oh yes, I'd say a soft word

Like a butterfly kiss on your rosy cheek


Since I felt blue the trees have wasted away

The bird on the fence lightly inclines its head

Oh yes, please fly to that seashore

Bring me back some crinkled sunshine


Since I felt blue I've climbed mountains

And sailed vast oceans, but I'm still lonely

It's true, from those rivulets and creeks

How can you erase dainty footprints?


Since I felt blue I've languished

Like a dead tree standing all alone

It's true, even decayed trunks sprout mushrooms

But yearnings grow from my forsaken soul


Since I felt blue a long time ago

I've missed you like I've missed the homeland

It's true, be it rivers or oceans

Be it hills or mountains, you alone are mine...